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Joe & Leigh's TaylorMade Golf Expo

Here are a few shots from one of our golf equipment Expo Days. This one happens to be a Joe & Leigh's TaylorMade Golf Expo. Over 2000 people attended over the course of the day. They had the opportunity to see Long Drive Champion, Art Sellinger perform an exhibition, PGA Tour player Brad Bryant aka Dr Dirt give his "down to earth" (pun intended) Golf Clinic and "Mr Bubble", Dick Rugge. At the time Dick was head of R&D for TaylorMade and spearheaded the design effort of the famous Bubble Shaft. Dick was recently selected as the Technical Director for The USGA.

We have several of these type of events every year. If you'd like to know when, please look at our calandar or register on our mailing list and we'll email you!! We also have 2 to 3 Golf Equipment Demo Days every week. That's right, every week! Check our calendar and sign up for email notification for those too!

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Staffed by Joe & Leigh's Fitting Professionals and a TaylorMade Team from their factory in Carlsbad, California.
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