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Since 1981 we have been passionate about the game of golf. We are equally as passionate to help men, women, and kids of all ages to get started in the game. Our goal is help you to


Instuctional Philosophy Quality Instruction
Purely fun based, friendly, economical, interactive learning with plenty of toys, tools and appropriate technology! Technical. NOT! Sure, we'll teach you how to swing. More importantly we'll show you how to PLAY, feel comfortable while doing it and have fun! Our Lead Instructors are all PGA and LPGA Golf Professionals and Apprentices. We make sure they all have good hearts to go along with their good heads!
Experienced Leadership

Daren MacKinnon PGA 
Asst Manager/Director of  Fitting 
PGA Golf Professional

John Moynihan PGA 
PGA Golf Professional

Diane Bader LPGA
LPGA Golf Professional

Scott Ibbitson
Asst Golf Professional

Mark Petrucci PGA 
PGA Golf Professional

Leigh Bader PGA 
General Manager
PGA Golf Professional

Joseph Ricci
General Manager

Gary Cardoza Jr
       Director of Instruction         
PGA Golf Professional  

Private and Small Group options
Private Lesson: Juniors:

This is the traditional one-to-one format. The advantage here is that every second of the Golf Professionals attention is yours!
40 Minutes:
60 Minutes:

One-to-one with a big discount! 
30 Minutes:
Longer format for the Junior whose game has progressed beyond the introductory stage. Usually a High School golfer. Big discount here too!
60 Minutes:
with video
(includes the video)
Advanced/Intermediate Private Lesson with Video: Small Group:

This format is intended for those whose game has progressed beyond the introductory stage. The video allows us to get a bit more detailed and provides a neat visual archive of your swings evolution over time (hopefully for the better!).
60 Minutes:
(includes the video)

Group instruction is economical and can be a lot of fun. Bring your friends! Set up a group from work or your weekend foursome. Groups make for a very supportive atmosphere (if you've got nice friends, of course!).
60 Minutes
(no video)

Group of 2: $45.00/ea.
Group of 3: $35.00/ea.
Group of 4: $30.00/ea.




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