Pine Oaks Golf Course

We invested in a marker system that gives players more confidence, speeds up play and makes the game more enjoyable all around.
Pine oaks utilizes the same "Kirby" marker system that all three courses at Pebble Beach have implemented. (that's pretty good company to be in). So what makes this system so special?

Kirby Markers are placed on both sides of the fairway (at 25-yard intervals), so you always know exactly how far you are from the center of the green. You don't have to hunt around for randomly placed sprinkler heads, or try to pace the distance from a bush or an ugly stake in the ground. These markers are invisible from the tee area, yet right there when you need them.

Knowing how far you have to hit makes for faster, easier, more confident club selection, which greatly speeds up play.

We hear from players (and know personally) that the markers add to the enjoyment of playing at Pine Oaks. That's all we need to hear to be confident that implementing this top of the line yardage system was well worth it.



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