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Welcome to Joe & Leigh's Golf Performance Center. Here's where we handle the "Improve" part of Play. Shop. Improve. We invite you to poke around to learn more and then set up an appointment to come visit. TO BOOK A PERFORMANCE CLUB FITTING PLEASE CALL 508-238-2320

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The Facility

imgFull Ball Flight (Indoor/Outdoor) Fitting Bays with the latest Launch Monitor Technology 

Who wants to hit into a net when you can watch your ball soar instead? Joe & Leigh's Golf Performance Center offers 5 (indoor/outdoor) full ball flight fitting bays where you can swing away just like you would from the tee.  Add in the state of the art Foresight Game Changer, launch monitors, high tech software and our Club fitting experts are able to capture every last detail of the physics and mechanics of what's happening. Including variables like; club head speed, launch angle to spin rate and many more. The Fitter will synthesize the hard data with the "soft" meaning data input like preferences, the type of course most frequently played, and others and will use that result in matching you to the best choice in equipment and settings. 

The Importance of Fitting for Golfers of All Skill Levels

It is impossible to overstate the importance of expert custom fitting. having golf clubs that are properly fit to your unique specifications is the key to optimizing your performance on the course and maximizing the benefits of the game-improvement technology engineered into today's golf clubs. The verdict is in. Custom fitting is no longer "optional" it's become an "essential" for all golfers, from high handicappers to scratch players. 

The Clubs That are Right for You

We are brand agnostic around here. We aren't looking to sell you into a certain brand of clubs. instead, we help you find the right golf club technology that will let you optimize your performance on the course and dial into the precise specs that will get you the best results.

You can try the full line of product offerings from all major brands including: Callaway, Ping, Taylormade, Titleist, Srixon, XXIO, Mizuno, Cleveland, Cobra.

Experienced, Expert and May We respectfully say, Friendly Staff!

As impressive as the technology at the Golf Performance Center is, it's no good without a staff with the knowledge and expertise to utilize it. Our certified club fitters are incredibly skilled at understanding the massive amounts of data provided during swing analysis and applying it in a practical way that will get results for you.

Of course they're also nice people.

The Process

What is a Custom Club Fitting Session Like at Joe & Leigh's Golf Performance Center?

Coming into our golf performance center, you'll be greeted by one of our expert fitters and directed to the appropriate indoor/outdoor hitting bay for your appointment. We have fit 1000's of golfers or all shapes, sizes, handicaps (many without) and hope to make your fitting experience fun.

Ideally you'll bring along your current clubs to warm up with, as well as for us to use in creating a data baseline. We use the baseline as a comparison point as we continue the fitting. Our full ball flight fitting bays are covered and heated, so wear sneakers or golf shoes, and comfy golf clothes and we'll get you swinging.

Please share your email address with us when you make the appointment. We'll send you a pre-fit questionnaire to let us learn more about your game and where you think your potential lies. We'll ask about your game, where you play, and how often. We'll chat about favorite brands or clubs you've already tried. We won't get too personal, but this would also be a good time to let us know if there are any health issues that keep you from swinging a club the way you'd like. We even have fitters trained to adapt clubs for golfers with prosthetics, play from a wheel chair, Single rider or have other challenges. Note that we are one of only two PING Adaptive Fitters in the State of Massachusetts. No worries if you don't answer the email, we know you're busy. We'll ask you for the necessary details before we start the fitting process.

There are several fitting options available for you to choose from (please see the fitting menu for pricing and time involved) You may want specific clubs fit, like a driver, wedges, or perhaps you'd like all the clubs fitted from driver all the way through the bag including all the wedges. 

During the fitting session we will be evaluating two different aspects of the clubs.

  • First, the actual size of the clubs. Based on your physical size, and swing type, we focus in on the correct length, weight and stiffness of the shaft. The lie angle would be checked, as well as the type of grip and grip size.
  • The second part is the ball flight itself and the on screen graphic comparisons from club to club.  As we hone in on the optimum fit for you by assembling and adjusting clubs on the spot, we love showing you all the data your shots create with our Foresight GC2 launch monitors. The ability for you and your Fitter to see the full flight across the driving range and all the comparisons only validates the choices we'll make. We can explain why certain clubs belong in your bag, like a hybrid or seven wood, and some may not, like an old 2 iron. Every golfer has expectations from their equipment clubs. You may covet distance, others more accuracy and still others need or want both.

We aim to not only fill those needs, but explain the why and how as well. If, by chance, we see no improvement from your current models, we'll share that data with you too. Sometimes a good fitting will validate that you've already got some great clubs that match your launch conditions and there's no need to purchase any other ones.

Once we've collected the soft and hard data, and you've given us your feedback as to what looks and feels good to you, we make our recommendations. All of the club recommendations are put into your profile and printed out in detail. Brand, model, club size and specs are all put together with pricing at the time of your fitting. If you decide to order clubs from us, we'll even refund a portion of the fitting fee as a thank you (see fitting menu for pricing and time commitments). There is no obligation to purchase clubs from Joe & Leigh's. The fitting fees will be collected the day of the fitting, and you'll be given time to decide on your own schedule whether the new clubs make sense for your game.

The Results

What can you expect after your fitting session?

If you do jump in for some new clubs, or even tweak your current ones, we have high expectations for new found success. The goals you shared with us before the start of the fitting will determine how we did.

Depending on how old or how ill suited your old clubs were for your swing, there are big gains to be achieved. We were chosen randomly to fit a writer from Golf Digest who had never been fit. His new driver gained a whopping 44 yards! Maybe not typical, but 15 to 20 yards certainly is. Our goal in club fitting has always been to make the game more fun. Proper equipment allows a golfer to have better technique and typically more consistent results. Longer and straighter are the two biggest requests, but lower scores are the goal. If you do jump in for some new clubs, or even just tweak your current ones, we have high expectations for new found success. The goals you shared with us before the start of the fitting will determine how we did.

Depending on how old or how ill suited your old clubs were for e ultimate prize. Having fun is priority number one for most, but a new career low score, or winning a tournament are certainly in the equation too.

The Fees and Savings

There are a variety of fitting options from single club to a full bag. You will see them all below. Please note that in many cases a percentage of the cost of your fitting may be applied towards your new club purchases at Joe & Leigh's Discount Golf Pro Shop.

Club Fitting Menu and Prices

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